Conference Topics


Topic 1: Modern Energy Systems and Power Electronics

Energy and power system control. Intelligent and predictive control in power electronics.
Energy storages. Power system quality and reliability. Electromagnetic compatibility problems.
FACTS and HVDC. Filters and compensators. Active power quality controllers.

Topic 2: Renewable Energy Systems and Distributed Generation

Renewable energy systems. Intelligent control for renewable energy systems.
Hybrid power systems. Wind power generation systems. Fuel cells applications.
Photovoltaic solar power systems. Hydropower systems. Bio-energy systems.
Thermal power systems.

Topic 3: Intelligent and Adaptive Energy Systems

Computational intelligence and soft computing in complex energy systems.
Predictive, forecasting, adaptive and robust control for energy systems.
Decision support systems for energy systems.

Topic 4: Industrial Electronics and Electrical Drives

Industrial electronics, application, standards and control system. Industrial automation.
Intelligent control in industrial electronics. Machines and drives. Motion control.
Power electronics converters for drives and generators.

Topic 5: Special Power Electronic Systems and Applications

Unconventional power electronics converters. Automotive vehicles, aircrafts, and ships.
Welding machines. Military equipment.

Note: The above listed topics do not exclude submission of papers from other specific fields
related to the general theme of the conference.